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All the excuses

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Hi! My name is Susan. Welcome to BeSmartPPE! Thanks for visiting us! I started this website because traditional surgical face masks were so bothersome! I heard so many excuses on why a person didn't want to wear a face mask; I can't breathe in them, my ears hurt, my glasses fog up, they're just so uncomfortable, kids won't keep the masks on. So, I set out to find a solution to this. We found masks that each have a unique quality that will take all these excuses away.

Our Diamond Shaped Face Mask is ASTM Level 1, 99% BFE. It's unique shape allows the wearer to have more room to breath and talk. It's anti-leak properties also help with those that wear glasses!

Our Z- Fold Face Mask is 99% BFE and is extremely comfortable and breathable. The soft cotton straps never pull against the ear and you can wear it all day long. This mask is my go to mask.

And last but not least, the kids masks. Just look at them, they're so cute! The 3D shape gives the child more room to breath and the straps are wide and soft as well. You'll notice the full coverage, no gaping. My kids wear these masks all day long and they love the design! And bonus, 99% BFE!

We are a small business, but we care. We source our masks and face shield from reputable factories in Taiwan. Don't let the other cheap masks fool you. There's a difference in quality. Check us out! Thanks for reading! #besmartppe #maskup #maskuphou #masks #facemask #ppe

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