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Can You Wear a Face Shield Instead of a Mask?

During these difficult times, something that was once a relatively rare commodity can be seen virtually everywhere: facemasks. They have been proven to help stem the spread of transmission of COVID-19. But for some, facemasks (either disposable or cloth) are not an option for one reason or another. An alternative is a face shield.

At BeSmartPPE, we want to do our part to keep you safe. That’s why we specialize in offering a wide variety of comfortable, high-quality face shields and facemasks for use by adults and children.

Rather than just covering your mouth and nose, a face shield is a type of PPE that covers your entire face and is designed to protect you against liquid splashes and droplets. It also prevents droplets from the wearer (as a result of coughs or sneezes) from becoming airborne. Ideally, a face shield should be worn in conjunction with a facemask for maximum protection.

Not all face shields are created equal! When shopping for one, it’s important that it have the “EN 166” marking It can also have a “COVID-19” marking if used by professionals in hospital settings.

Face shields are made of a plastic panel that curves around the face with an elastic band to hold it in place. Make sure the panel of the shield extends well past your chin and curves around the sides of your face.

Disposable face shields should be worn only once. If you purchase a non-disposable face shield, be sure to clean it after every use by putting the protective panel in warm, soapy water and cleaning its surface with a soft sponge. Rinse and dry your face shield with a soft towel and clean the headpiece separately.

BeSmartPPE is committed to offering our customers comfortable and unique PPE including facemasks and face shields at unbeatable prices. Find out more by giving us a call today.

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